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South East Metal Recycling (SEMR) was founded in 2001 by Mr Wesley Payne, and has grown to become a trusted and respected leader in aviation salvage.
In the early days we focused on computer recycling for the recovery of precious metals, before being contracted by the Ministry of Defense to dispose of critical items such as communications equipment, chieftain tanks, crashed fighter jets and training jets.
SEMR started to focus on redundant aircraft and jet engines for scrap metal retention, with our first commercial Jet engine purchased in 2005 a PW JT9D-7Q from Kuwait airlines.
SEMR aerospace is now the biggest buyer of scrap jet engines in the world, processing on average 400-450 engines each year.
We process scrap jet engine parts from the world’s biggest airlines and MRO’s with fixed recycling supply contracts in 22 different continents.
With our use of modern technology and surgical methods we can process an entire jet engine to piece part in under 5 days. Our modern day enhancement on old school precious metal refining has reduced a very slow process to hours and days. We are not limited by our belief’s we innovate and create, continually improving, to keep us leading the way in aviation salvage.



ALF 502, Training Modules.

SEMR was contracted to supply two Scrap ALF 502 jet engines to be used as a training modules.

Solihul Aviation College Birmingham were shipped two ALF-502 jet engines from Italy

SEMR fitted them into custom built engine stands ready for the students to work on.

Please read the full project details in our project gallery.

Perfecting the art of platinum recovery from platinum coated turbine blades and platinum coated airfoils.

With the use of modern equipment and old age chemical processing, we had managed to increase our net yields by 47% over our competitiors.

SEMR was contracted on behalf of the GCA, DCA, H.H Sheikh Mohammad  and Mclarens, to dispos of the UPS Airlines N571UP – 747-400 wreckage which crashed in Dubai in September 2010 at our UAE facility.

When processing the wreckage cargo I found a gold plaque which stated –

Lord, help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I can’t handle together.

I will never forget that moment I just froze cold shivers went down my spine and it was the middle of Summer in Dubai 45-50 degrees, I am not a religious man but it makes you realise life Is to be taken full advantage of.

Pulling engines in from all over the world a JT9D-7Q form Jordan Air-motive, again isn’t it funny how things work out my first I bought was a JT9D-7Q and my 500th engine was the same!

Two JT9D-7R4E’s from Malaysian Airlines facility purchased from the famous MK Airlines,  both are having the front casings removed by a local company for shipping to our facility.

Beating the competition in 2011 to purchase 13 engines from Air Atlanta, we had some fun over the years, even more so when Roko Alloys folded for 1.8 Million USD of debt.

Handling two 747-400 scrap fuselages from ASI in Gloucester, 200 tons of mixed aircraft Aluminium. Isn’t it funny how things work out years on, our sister company melts 25000 tons per year of foundry and cast billet Aluminium.

Back to trading electronic scrap from a client in Turkey, we were trading over 300 tons a month of PCB Boards directly into Umicore for precious metal recovery.

Understanding the alloy market was a minefield in itself, I have heard every single trick in the book to down grade the material when selling. Some INCO 713 blades sorted ready for blasting to sell to the smelters.

Trading Nickel Based alloys from airlines and Mro’s, It made as much sense to take material from airlines and MRO’s who were dismantling the engines already. This is how we processed into the game of alloys trading and supplying smelters with revert material.

I soon had the bug and one engine turned into three then eight then eleven, this is a Rolls Royce RB211-22B from a Lockheed L1011. The RB-211 was the engine which transformed civil aviation to date, this engine is what made Rolls Royce and almost broke them. SEMR today has dismantled and scraped 326 RB211 engines in varying models.

Here she stands in all her glory – My first ever jet engine purchased for £3000 a JT9D-7Q from Kuwait airlines. It took me 8 weeks to undo the thing with my spacers and a gas axe, It was like opening pandora’s box, and this is where my love affair of jet engines began.

My first major break though in the industry, I purchased 2 Chieftain Tanks at 51 tons each and shipped them directly to Sheffield into the steel works. I made a fortune that day and this was when things started to turn around.

High value gold pins i sent in the be refined at AWA Refiners, even thou they ripped us off we still got paid substantially more than the current buyer. It toke a long time to learn and understand how it all worked, I paid £65 per kg for these and refined them at £405 per kg I had over 17KG of pins.

Military electronic scrap pins and plugs again from Redruth, in the early days when SEMR started trading electronic scrap, just buying and selling gold plate pins and boards.

Pics of the first ever electronic scrap I purchased from a ship dismantle in Redruth cornwall, I traded these with a local buyer in Western-Super-Mare selling them for £10 a kg



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  • ALF-502 Training Engines For Solihull College.

    January 2016 SEMR was asked to provide two jet engines to be used as training modules by Solihull College. http://www.solihull.ac.uk. This was project I loved from the start, being able to help create something for people to learn and get an entry into aviation was amazing.

    We sourced two ALF 502 engines with full Quick Exchange Kits in transport stands from Olbia Italy.,

    These engines would allow the students to get an understanding of how a Jet Engine works, and what goes into actually servicing and maintaining one.Working with the college has been amazing to see the level of equipment they have and put in place within a small space of time is a true testament to the lecturers there.

    The college has a fully working 727 simulator.

    Aerodynamic chambers allowing the students to understand how this is implemented on an aircraft, and now a full cabin crew training college.

    If you want a career in aviation please visit the campus website and see if they have a course which suits you.  www.solihull.ac.uk



  • Acadia Spectacular.

    Many years back in the early days of SEMR a guy called Pip Rush along with his mate Berti met me at Western-super-mare, they had this crazy idea to build a massive spider stage and wanted some unique scrap pieces.

    Many years on and the Arcadia spider is a global icon on the festival scene, transforming Glastonbury UK into and after-hours open air nightclub. They travel all over the world setting up and hosting sensational parties in Bangkok, Miami, Australia, Seoul, Arizona Dessert at the amazing Burning Man are just a few of the places this spider has been.

    The centre stage is from my first ever RB211-22B engine, the eyes are from Rolls Royce Conway Afterburners, and the arms are from gazelle helicopter parts. We have been suppling Pip and Berti with weird and wonderful scrap for many years, I love watching how they have grown its an epic thing to see.

    You can visit Arcadia and see where they will be next.

    screenshot-2016-10-03-18-24-56 screenshot-2016-10-03-18-25-09