ALF-502 Training Engines For Solihull College.

January 2016 SEMR was asked to provide two jet engines to be used as training modules by Solihull College. This was project I loved from the start, being able to help create something for people to learn and get an entry into aviation was amazing.

We sourced two ALF 502 engines with full Quick Exchange Kits in transport stands from Olbia Italy.,

These engines would allow the students to get an understanding of how a Jet Engine works, and what goes into actually servicing and maintaining one.Working with the college has been amazing to see the level of equipment they have and put in place within a small space of time is a true testament to the lecturers there.

The college has a fully working 727 simulator.

Aerodynamic chambers allowing the students to understand how this is implemented on an aircraft, and now a full cabin crew training college.

If you want a career in aviation please visit the campus website and see if they have a course which suits you.



Acadia Spectacular.

Many years back in the early days of SEMR a guy called Pip Rush along with his mate Berti met me at Western-super-mare, they had this crazy idea to build a massive spider stage and wanted some unique scrap pieces.

Many years on and the Arcadia spider is a global icon on the festival scene, transforming Glastonbury UK into and after-hours open air nightclub. They travel all over the world setting up and hosting sensational parties in Bangkok, Miami, Australia, Seoul, Arizona Dessert at the amazing Burning Man are just a few of the places this spider has been.

The centre stage is from my first ever RB211-22B engine, the eyes are from Rolls Royce Conway Afterburners, and the arms are from gazelle helicopter parts. We have been suppling Pip and Berti with weird and wonderful scrap for many years, I love watching how they have grown its an epic thing to see.

You can visit Arcadia and see where they will be next.

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