Precious Metal Refining

We are continuously looking to purchase the following precious metals.

S.E.M.R operators a fully licensed & EAL approved ISO 9001 & 18001 accredited refineries on all of our sites. We operate our own in-house laboratory and processing facilities, with atomic absorption (AAS), ICP and XRF instrumentation for prompt analysis. SEMR has innovated a unique process for the recovery of platinum coated turbine blades and gold brazed aerospace scrap. By combining modern technology with classic chemistry we can extract all precious metals types from valuable base metals quickly and efficiently with out damaging them. Our core business is aerospace scrap and scrap jet engine recycling, we understand how the precious metal coatings are installed allowing us to extract them with minimal effort generating far higher yields than our competitors. We can recover all precious metals from many scrap forms including PCB boards. SEMR started to recover platinum coated airfoils and refine precious metals several years ago, after continuously receiving disappointing results from our competitors. Today we have enhanced this process increasing our yields by up to 47%, allowing us to retain repeat business from our clients worldwide. To discuss the processing of your material please contact us.
Gold AU Silver Ag
Platinum Pt Palladium Pd.
We are currently purchasing and refining the following Aerospace Materials.
Engine Stators Engine Fuel Nozzles
Tobi Ducts Heat Exchangers
Fuel Pito Heaters Heat Exchangers
Platinum Coated Turbine Blades Avionics
PCB Boards Gold Plated Plugs & Connectors