Rhenium Nickel Cobalt Alloys

SEMR is one the biggest buyers of Nickel Based Single Crystal alloys and Rhenium bearing alloys from the aerospace industry. We purchase all types of nickel alloy and cobalt alloys for VAC or VAR remelt, Rhenium Bearing turbine Blades, NGV’s and Rhenium Airfoils from airlines, MRO’s and scrap dealers worldwide.

A list of the Re Bearing alloys we regularly purchase although not limited to

SEMR has been preparing and processing vacuum grade revert alloys for many years. We are currently buying all types of nickel alloys, rhenium bearing alloys, cobalt alloys and all aerospace scrap alloy.Below is a list of the types of alloys we are buying regularly. Please give our friendly and expert team a call, to discuss the processing of any aviation scrap alloys you may have for sale.

SEMR Aero assures clients of:

  • 100% recycle rate, which guarantees zero liability of parts being reused.
  • EASA Part M 504 control of unserviceable components
  • Highly competitive purchase prices
  • Certificate of Destruction supplied on request.
  • Quick, effective and contractually binding deals.
  • Traceable deliveries
  • Three months of recorded storage.
Rhenium Bearing Alloys
PWA 1426 Rene 142
PWA 1484 Rene N5
PWA 1487 Rene N6
Cmsx 4 Cmsx 186
Cmsx 10 Cmsx 486
Titanium Alloys
Ti 6-2-4-2 Ti 6-2-46
Ti Grade 1 Ti Grade 2
Ti Grade 3 Ti Grade 4
Ti Grade 5 Commerical Pure C/P
Nickel Alloys
INCO 718 IN 713
INCO 625 IN 738
INCO 825 IN100
INCO 901 GTD 111 & 222
Hastelloy C-276 Mar M 200
Hastelloy C Mar M 002
Hastelloy X Mar M 247
Udimet 500 Udimet 700
Rene 77 Rene 80
Waspalloy PWA 1480
Nimonic 75 Nimonic 115/Multimet
Nimonic 80 Nominc C263
Nimonic 90 C-1023
Cobalt Alloys
Mar M 509 FSX 414
Stellite All Grades HS-31/36